SAT Score says “Not Yet Available”



Often times the CollegeBoard says that SAT scores will be available on a certain date, but this isn’t true for everyone. Your score can say “not yet available” for several reasons. Usually scores say not yet available for the October, November, and December SAT (and only in 2011, 2012, and 2013).

  1. Massive score improvement. If you improved by over 200 points in any individual section like math, reading, or writing, or by 350 points combined in all 3 sections, the CollegeBoard will conduct a manual review of your SAT to make sure you didn’t cheat. We have seen this with several students who have used our GuideParadise Sat Guide, because in a matter of just a month, they improved by 350+ points!
  2. Error in filling out information on registration sheet before you took the test.
  3. Too many SAT tests to grade for the CollegeBoard. They are very understaffed when it comes to more SATs than they were expecting, so this could also cause a delay and result in a score not being available after it should have been online.

It’s very frustrating when a company promises that the SAT scores will be available by a certain date (especially since college and scholarship applications may be due around the same time), but there isn’t much you can do about it.

You can try calling them at

(866) 756-7346 (United States)  or

(212) 713-7789 (International)

to find out why there is a delay. Most of the time they won’t be able to help you, but they can start an investigation into why you haven’t received your SAT score yet, but it can take up to 10 businesses days before they call or email you back and let you know why.

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