List of 8 free SAT practice tests for download

Here is the ultimate list of all the free practice SAT tests. The tests below are all createdby CollegeBoard, so they are all official and the most similar to what you would find on an actual SAT. Feel free to download or print these tests out. You can save these SAT PDFs by right clicking and selecting “save as”.

October 2001 OLD SAT (out of 1600)

Answers are included

May 2002 SAT OLD SAT (out of 1600)

Answers are included

2003 SAT OLD SAT (out of 1600)

2003 Answers

2004 SAT OLD SAT (out of 1600)

2004 Answers

2005 SAT OLD SAT (out of 1600)

Answers are included

2007 New SAT (out of 2400)

2007 Answers

2011 New SAT (out of 2400)

2011 Answers

2012 New SAT (out of 2400) 

2012 Answers

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